Truck and Trailer Accessories

We are proud to carry Jungle Jim's new Trimmer Rack Series.The new Trimmer Rack design enables the userto load and unload the trimmer even easier than before. This ground-breaking design also allows you to custom fit each trimmer to prevent rolling during transport. You can secure up to four trimmers quickly and easily. The spring loaded design and heavy duty locking bar deter theft, while the innovative compression pin and hook device eliminate spinning during transport. The The 3TR and 4TR come with a spool line holder that alleviates the headaches of tangled trimmer line, and a tool rack can be attached to the 4TR, 3TR, and 2TR models.

Trimmer Rack

The new Blower Holder 1 holds one backpack blower andcomes with an individual locking mechanism for simple locking capability. The new design not only secures the blower, but also supports the blower tube. Simply load and unload two backpack blowers with the 2BH's individual hooks and locking mechanisms. The 2BH also possesses a support arm for the top blower and height adjusters, so that the bottom blower rests on the rail of the trailer. This new design lessens the strain on the handles of the blower and provides more stability. Blower tube holders come standard with both blower versions.

Blower Rack 1Double Blower Rack

Add an optional five gallon cooler holder that can be mounted independently anywhere on your trailer!

Cooler Holder

Tired of throwing away expensive trimmer line that becomes a useless tangled mess because the flimsy plastic spool housing gets broken or damaged? The Spool Mate's durable frame construction encloses and protects the spool housing. The integrated cutting handle eliminates the need for a separate cutting device. The handle and spring loaded design helps to prevent unraveling, and can be used with any size spool or trimmer line.

Spool Mate

The Jungle Sprack mounts to your trailer and secures one backpack sprayer. Locking mechanism allows for anti-theft capabilities.

Jungle Sprack

The Jungle Sheath safely secures single and double-sided gas powered hedge shears on your trailer. Locking capabilities make the Jungle Sheath theft resistant.

Jungle Sheath

The revolutionary Jungle Boot secures spreaders and push mowers from damage in transport. Mount the boot on either the left or right side of the trailer. Extend the life of your equipment; protect your investment with the Jungle Boot.

Jungle Boot Jungle Boot Jungle Boot

Black Jack Tire Repair Kits sold at Mower Doctor - Bucyrus, KS
BlackJack Tire Repair
is made using 12 strands of high-tensile fiber. Each strand of fiber is individually impregnated with our special butyl live-rubber compound. Butyl rubber is the same type of rubber that is used on the inside of the tire to hold in the air. BlackJack conforms to the size and shape of the injury in the tire. A hard-cured, old-fashion plug forces the hole in the tire to become the shape of the plug. Permanently seal out the dirt and moisture that can rust belts. If moisture enters the tire it can rust or rot the belts and weaken the tire. Safely apply BlackJack without dismounting the tire so you can get back on the road, trail, or farm in minutes, not hours after getting a flat!