Chain Sharpening Service

Chain Sharpening Service

If you let your chain go too long and it gets dull, the point of the chisel will begin to get rounded over the more wood you cut. At a certain point, you can’t file it any longer: you need to take it to a shop to have it ground (or grind it yourself).

A properly sharpened chainsaw chain removes larger chips of wood with each tooth, allowing the chain to remove more wood for each link that goes through the log. Over the time of a cut, this causes the chain to cut a lot faster and you will quickly get back the time you spent sharpening the chain. Pushing harder on metal moving on metal also tends to build heat. More heat tends to wear the metal, meaning shorter bar and chain life. A sharp chain will produce uniform, clean chips whereas a dull chain will produce an excessive amount of dust.

Used John Deere Zero=Turn Mower

John Deere Z950M Z-Trak

72" 126 Hours


Off-Site, by appointment only