Lawn Mower Transport

Lawn Mower Transport

(Pickup & Drop-off)


Lawn Mower Pickup Driver

Round trip rates:

$35 less than 5 miles $65 within a 20-mile radius $75 between 20 and 30-mile radius $85 over 30 miles


22435 Quivira Road Bucyrus, KS 66013 USA

913 533-2303

You don’t have to be home when we pick up your mower.  Please have it accessible, however, with the key in the ignition.  If it won’t run or has steering problems, or a flat tire, please have it close to the house.  Otherwise, we have a 15′ winch cable on the trailer and are able to drive into the yard with your approval. We will contact you when your mower is ready to be delivered and make payment arrangements.  We accept cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover. If credit card method is preferred, it will need to be run through by phone prior to delivery.  Checks are preferred and can be left on the door or someplace inconspicuous.

Call or  email us today to schedule your pickup!


VIP Program

When new equipment purchased at Mower Doctor comes into the Service Dept by its original owner, it will receive priority status in line and 10% off  parts and labor. Quite a savings on time and money.

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